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9 awesome careers that allows you to explore the world You must have heard of people who left their job to travel around the globe?  What if we tell you that you won't have to leave your job and still get to roam around every place you could think of! Here we have got for you jobs which won't kill your love for travel. Pick the one that suits you the most, pack your bags and set off. Travel while you work! Work while you travel!


perfect guide to a perfect travel plan during winters Winter is coming! And so are the long list of holidays. Exciting isn't it? So, be ready with your bag packs because we are going to tell you the hottest secrets of travelling in the chilly winters. India i
feel like a local while travelling to places unknown What's your ideal idea of travelling? We are sure it must be the same old practice of tourist spot selection, check, reservations, check; hotel booking, check; packing, check; everything else, check.


witness india like never before during diwali As legend has it, Diwali is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after triumphing over Ravana. The custom prevailed and Diwali is celebrated with full pomp and show till date! Fast forward to the busy lives of today, Diwali and festivals o
top must visit romantic destinations near mumbai Growing up on a steady diet of fairy tales and romance novels, I was always smitten by the idea of being in love so while travelling I always choose places that are romantic so that I can witness the beauty of love around me
7 tourist destinations worth escape this long weekend We are almost at the end of 2017 and as we look at the calendar for the festivities coming up we can also see that we can expect some long weekends in our hands at the end of the year. Well, it is the perfect time to plan your dream vacations.
travel south india in monsoon
“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving”
What is your favorite time pass during the monsoon? Many would say lazing around the house but mine has always been to sit by the window and savour on a brewing cup of coffee with the pitter platter sound as the background music. Sometimes a hot cup of coffee and my favorite story book become best friends and the book is usually a mystery book and the pitter platter sound gives the perfect
monsoon in delhi Delhi as many of you may think is not always super cold or super hot. It does share its fair share of romantic rainy days. Minus all the traffic, monsoon in Delhi is kind of a celebration where kids are on the streets getting drenched in rain, you can see couples spending some ‘we’ time sitting in the nearby cafes, friends make plans to reconnect with each other over road trips or just a friendly chat with brewing coffee and families spend a good time at the popular picnic s
placing ganesha at home or work In my childhood, I remember sitting beside my mother and listening to numerous stories of Ganpati on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi while my mother prepared various offerings for the puja. Between stuffing coconut inside rice dumplings and scolding me for stealing laddoos that she made or jaggery, she would tell me many stories of Ganesha’s birth and how he got the elephant head. Each year, the stories would be different like a different part of Lord Ganesha’s life and significance would vary j
places in india every college student should visit
“Travel while you are young so that you can tell stories when you are old”
College life is the best time of a person’s life as you do not have a fixed timetable of school and tuitions nor you have to count 9 hours of office. You are free to take as many trips as you want. Make this phase of your life not a long holiday but many small and memorable vacations. Travel when you are young and able as some places are best to be enjoyed with your friends than fa
seven sisters of india When we talk of heaven on earth or a paradise on earth there are number of places that we can think of and one of them is India. It is not only heavenly but also a magical land that attracts tourists from all around the globe; and why wouldn’t it? After all, within the cultural boundaries of India one will find snow-capped mountains, dreamy beaches, abundant greenery, major metropolitan cities, national parks and even a desert! And the best part about the cities of India that every city or sta
historical places & monuments in india Opulent and gigantic palaces, ancient forts that are filled with stories and majestic yet beautiful structures curtsy you at every nook and corner of this beautiful country. The rich history of this country oozes out of all ancient structures and famous historical monuments in India. These monuments are not only beautiful to look at but they alsodepicts tales of romance, bravery, strength and battles. As recorded India's history began in the cradle of Harrapan Civilization around 5th millenni
monsoon destinations in india Rains in India are like magic spells that is enchanted on you and which take you to a ‘Never land’. Many travelers do not think this is a good time to travel, but you cannot deny that there is a certain charm about vacationing during downpour. Well, I have always loved the rains and be it just taking a long drive during downpour or going on a vacation in rainy season it has always make me wonder about the beauty of nature. My list has some spectacular monsoon destinations in India, that will
tips to travel smart at low cost
“Work, Travel. Save, Repeat”
No matter where you are going or for how long, it is always wise to cut down on travel cost. Travelling light should not be your only focus, while you are planning a trip you should also think about ways to lower your travel cost on whole. Your trip can only be smooth and relaxing if you do not have to think again and again about how much the trip is ripping you off. Many people calculate the budget for a trip beforehand and if
top honeymoon destinations in india Are you all set to embark on a new journey of life called marriage. The moment you had been waiting for has finally arrived. It’s time to plan your honeymoon and no wonder you can’t hold in the excitement to elope with your spouse miles away from home to cherish your beautiful bond of togetherness. But finding the perfect honeymoon destination may be slightly daunting as many new honeymoon destinations are emerging in India every day. So, now you must have guessed why we mentioned its d
top destinations in India
“Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.”
I have heard all my childhood that travelling is the best way to clear your mind. Well, now I have finally realized why people said so. It not only makes you an adventurer but also a storyteller. Travel while you are still young and collect stories that you can tell your next generation. Collect experience that will inspire others. You may not be able to visit every
reasons that will make you fall in love with north India North India, a heaven for mountain lovers, adventure enthusiasts and those who would just admire the beauty of its historical cities. There are many scenic and off-the-wall hill stations settled in the Himalayas which make beautiful holiday destinations. There is also the Taj Mahal whose beauty is unmatched. These locations are so breathtaking that it gets tough to choose one from the list of gorgeous places to visit in Northern India. From heat to history to amazing cuisine to the chills of
best places to beat the heat this summer Month of April is here and the sun is at its full might. What better time to escape this scorching heat of the plains and take a trip to cooler places. We are lucky that India is blessed with mountains, hills, beaches and some exotic forest areas that provide relief from the heat wave. The best part of this month is that summer vacations are around the corner and everyone looks for a place to where they can beat the heat also break free and make some beautiful memories with their family and frie
national symbols of india   From the day of India’s independence, national symbols of india have become its identity or rather I must say India gained a new identity after independence. The identity that many of you may not be aware of but the symbols are something you are aware of. These symbols are not just any symbol but they depict every little aspect of India. It’s culture, its history also its people. These symbols can be found across India but there are few selected places or cities where you can see t

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A few years back, airfare prices hiked significantly in the country, the major reasons being the increase in the jet fuel prices, major airline issues among several other problems. This in a way contributed to finding the lowest domestic airfare tricky.

Gone are such days, nowadays the Indian skies have witnessed a major increase in the number of airlines which to some exte

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At one point in time, we have all experienced the tiresome process of searching when in need of cheap airfare. With the numerous search engines available and ever fluctuating prices, the process of manually searching for the best airfare deal is somewhat overwhelming.  

For you to get cheap airfare tickets, being witty a little can go an extra mile to gett

Booking agents, airlines and online travel agencies form the three main sources of cheap airfare tickets in India, either for international or domestic circuits. When in need for an air travel, everyone always tries as much as possible to get best price airfare. This fact makes it one of the major considerations for air travels.

What Makes Airfare Tickets Even Better?

Airfare forms a significant part of travel expenses especially across the country and securin