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10 Tips To Travel Smart At Low Cost

tips to travel smart at low cost

“Work, Travel. Save, Repeat”

No matter where you are going or for how long, it is always wise to cut down on travel cost. Travelling light should not be your only focus, while you are planning a trip you should also think about ways to lower your travel cost on whole. Your trip can only be smooth and relaxing if you do not have to think again and again about how much the trip is ripping you off. Many people calculate the budget for a trip beforehand and if the budget is too high they tend to shelf the plan. Why to self your travel plans when you can easily cut down your travel expenses.

Here Are 10 Tips To Travel Smart At Low Cost

Travel During Off-Season:

The price of flight tickets varies depending on your travel time. If you are travelling during the peak season the domestic airfare shoots through the sky and it becomes difficult to find a cheap domestic flight. So, if you want to cut down your travel expense it is always advisable to travel during off-season. This is because tourist traffic is low and you will easily get a cheap air ticket online. If your trip is a short one mainly for business purpose it is always better to travel mid week as the flight fares are low during the mid week.

Use Your Credit Card Reward Points:

Most of us have the habit of shopping with credit card but we tend to forget about credit card reward points. So while planning a trip do not forget to check benefits on your credit card. More often we don’t remember about our credit card points when we need them the most! Now you may ask if all credit cards have reward points or not but let me clarify that no all credit card doesn’t have reward points but most credit cards do have reward points that you can use for an accommodation bonus or flight prices.

Grab Travel Coupons Or Packages:

There are many sites that are famous among travelers for their budget friendly yet extravagant deals. While planning a trip I always prefer to check these sites for the best available deals. It is a smart move because by buying such coupons you can save a lot on your travel budget. If you want to now about their best deals it is best to turn on the newsletter. So, that you are notified when some cash saving deal comes in.

Travel On The Cheapest Days:

The flight fare varies considerably depending on the day and time you choose to travel. Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to book a flight as during these two days the flight fares are generally low. Avoid booking flights on Fridays as ticket prices will be high due to the weekend rush. This trick reduces your travel cost a lot.

Stay Cheap:

We all love staying as a king when we are travelling. We would always book the best and the most luxurious hotel as that is where our comfort lies. Even I love doing the same as the comfort of your stay makes your journey comfortable and stress free. It is good to stay luxuriously but that does not mean you have to over step your travel budget. There are various websites where you can easily find hotel booking deals, go for these deals as they put you up at the best hotels in town but at unbeatable rates. So, stay like a king but don’t pay gold.

Travel Like A Local:

Whenever you are travelling to somewhere new always read up on places to see in advance and then just ditch those tours for tourists where you have to pay a huge sum of money. You can easily commute through local transport like buses or metros. I always prefer taking the bus as it’s budget friendly, and travelling through a bus is a way better experience than traveling with a bunch of tourists! Besides, a bus is always a great place to strike up a conversation with locals and get some inside tips about travelling around the place.

Ditch Hotel Food:

When you are travelling do keep in mind that foods cost a lot. So, it is better to not order food in the hotel! Also, remember that restaurants and shops near tourist attractions tend to charge more. Always plan your meals before going out or even better go online and look for some good but cheap restaurants. There are various sites that shows you which food joint is cheap and these sites also provide map which you can follow to reach the location. But if you want to experience the real flavor of the place go for street food options – they are always cheap and usually high on taste.

Go For Discounts:

You should always search for discounted facilities. It is a myth that anything that is discounted is not convenient. The fact is that travelling isn’t cheap now a day and even a person travelling on limited budget can enjoy an opulent trip. For that, you need to look for discounts where ever possible and also look out for free stuff. Mainly when you are going site seeing check out the best places to see in the town and it so happens that these places are usually free as they attract tourists. There are even tourist packages available for site seeing.

Be The Bargain Queen:

Ladies love to go shopping while travelling but it is wise to shop at the street markets as India has some of the most famous street markets. But while shopping there do remember not to pay the price they ask for always bargain and buy the stuff in half price and save on your budget.

Beat Baggage Fees:

While booking cheap flights we forget that if we pile up extra luggage we must pay extra baggage fees at the airport. So, it is always advisable to pack as light as possible because it is no use buying a low-cost ticket and paying extra for your baggage.

So, what are you waiting for pack your bags and leave for the trip you have been wanting to take for a long while but this time travel at low cost.

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