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7 Reasons That Will Compel You To Travel South India In Monsoon

travel south india in monsoon

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving”

What is your favorite time pass during the monsoon? Many would say lazing around the house but mine has always been to sit by the window and savour on a brewing cup of coffee with the pitter platter sound as the background music. Sometimes a hot cup of coffee and my favorite story book become best friends and the book is usually a mystery book and the pitter platter sound gives the perfect complement to the mystery in the book.

Well, this is my idea of a perfect rainy day at home but you can also savour on some of the best monsoon special food like pakodas while you enjoy the rain from your window. But if you are an adventures person then you can also take a trip to the South of India during the monsoon season. Among the cities of the south Kerala always attracted me the most during the monsoons. As I always felt that it was the best place to visit in South India in monsoon.

Kerala is the only state in India where monsoon hits twice. But still many people try to avoid a Kerala trip during monsoons because of bad weather, delayed flights, muddy roads, and untreated water on road. But you should not avoid this trip as after the shower the tropical green Kerala looks like a bride decked up in green and it’s a treat to the eye. There are also other reasons and here is a list of some of them.

Monsoon Turns Kerala All The More Romantic:

What can be more romantic than the sound of rain on the window? Well, if you have to ask this then experience monsoon in south India mainly Kerala. The beautiful green ambience of Kerala and the constant downpours makes it a very romantic destination for many couples out there. Kerala has several getaways for them to escape with their significant other and spend some memorable time together.

With The Rains Come The Festivals:

It is not only the monsoon season but also the season of festivities. As Onam is one of their biggest festival and it is celebrated with pomp and show. The famous snake boat race also takes place at this time. You should watch this festival if you are in Kerala as it will be a memory for life.

Ayurvedic Massage Is Rejuvenating:

Did you know monsoon is the best time to get any kind of Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala? Well, you may wonder why it is because the cool, moist, and dust-free atmosphere during the monsoon season helps your body pores to breathe thus making it reactive to get any herbal oil massage and Ayurvedic therapy. Once you are in Kerala make sure you do not miss out on this as it is a part of Kerala tradition and it also relaxes and rejuvenates you.

Emerald Kerala Becomes A Bride In Green:

Kerala is always lush green but its bright green colour can only be truly seen during the monsoon season. Right from the mountains to the lands and then to the beaches and watersides, almost every part of Kerala is emerald green with spices, grain and fruits at the time of heavy shower. You cannot miss out traveling throughout Kerala to witness some of the best waterfalls, hill stations, beaches, and the famous backwaters. Rainy season in South India makes the whole region look like a beauty in emerald.

The Palm Fringed Backwaters:

The lush greenery, fringed palms, diverse wildlife, conventional houseboats, and breath taking green villages are clubbed together to make the famous backwaters of Kerala. We all have heard how beautiful the backwaters of Kerala are but yet it is very difficult to describe its beauty in words especially the beauty during the monsoon as it transforms into one of the tranquil place that you would love visiting while on a tour.

Tranquil Beaches Are Heavenly:

The beaches of Kerala ranks among the popular tourist spots in India yet it still remains untouched and truly heavenly. The best part about these beaches are that they are less crowded and the seashores of most of these beaches reflect a unique portrayal of the pure nature especially during the monsoons.

Enjoy A Tree House Stay:

You must have stayed in a tree house earlier but have you stayed in a tree house in Wayanad that too during the monsoon season. If you have then you are well aware that it is heavenly to sip on a hot cup of coffee while it rains outside. There are many resorts in this area that offers the facility to stay at a tree house amidst the rainforest canopy. But if you have not experienced it you should as you will not want to return once you are there it is so peaceful.

The ‘monsoon is here’ this phrase itself brings a wide smile on your face but if you have missed out on the first downpour of the South India then do not get disheartened as you still got your second chance during its second monsoon. So do not wait any longer pack your bags and book your flight to experience monsoon the South India way.

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