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7 Tourist Destinations Worth Escape This Long Weekend

7 tourist destinations worth escape this long weekend

We are almost at the end of 2017 and as we look at the calendar for the festivities coming up we can also see that we can expect some long weekends in our hands at the end of the year. Well, it is the perfect time to plan your dream vacations.

Well, some of you may wonder why I call it the dream vacation, it’s simple all year long we are so busy with work that we forget to take time for ourselves or even for that matter for our family. As the winter approaches we decide to take a break for ourselves and our family as the weather is beautiful and so is the surrounding. But again, there is the tiny thing called the leave application at offices that gets us thinking and sometimes also provokes us to shelf our plans. But this year you need not think so much, if you cannot plan a long vacation you can definitely plan few short ones. 2017 gives us some long weekend breaks, so, plan a quick weekend getaway to rejuvenate your mood.

A perfect weekend away from the hustle bustle of the city to a serene surrounding definitely sounds like the perfect vacation or a dream vacation you were meaning to take for a long time. While planning a vacation the first thing that strikes is the travel cost. Winter is in fact the perfect travelling month so definitely the airfare will be shooting through the roof. That does not mean you should cancel your dream vacation but it does mean that you should look for best flight deals while booking your flight tickets.

Here Are 7 Tourist Destinations Worth Escape This Long Weekend:


The name suggests it’s a place where 5 hills meet. This beautiful hill station is located in Maharashtra and this majestic hill station also covers many traveling attractions. Take a road trip to this serene place for this long weekend.


Manali, a place that is popularly known as the Switzerland of India. It is also one of the most beautiful hill station in India. But I have always preferred calling it heaven on earth and if you want to experience it do it during the month of December.


Rajasthan the land of royalty. This is one of the most colourful state in India. The colours of Rajasthan attracts travelers from all around the world. You should visit Rajasthan at least once just to experience the beauty of the place. Whenever we think of Rajasthan the only thing that strikes us is luxury, royalty, palaces, forts, desert, camels, elephants, in short adventure. So, do not miss out this adventure while planning your long weekend trip.


Ooty also known as the queen of hill stations. It is one of the most famous hill station of the south. Ooty is located in Tamil Nadu. You can experience its lush greenery all throughout the year but it is a sight to witness during the winters. So, when you plan your long weekend trip make sure to keep Ooty in your choice of destinations.


Coorg also known as the Scotland of India. It is a beautiful place located on the southwestern ghats of Karnataka. Its serenity attracts all the travelers who want to spend some quite time with their loved ones. If you are looking for a long weekend travel with your better half Coorg is the perfect place for you.


Lansdowne is a beautiful little town setting in itself. It has gained popularity for its serenity, where one can enjoy their solitude or just be peaceful and rejuvenate their mind and a group can enjoy the company of friends or their family. The best thing about the towns setting is that it is 250 kms from Delhi thus, making it the perfect spot for lazing around during a long weekend.


This small hill station is a wrapped in a time capsule that will take you back to the 19th century. Its narrow roads wind up and down the hill side giving way to magnificent vistas. You can enjoy long romantic walks on these roads with your loved ones during your long weekend getaway.

Travelling these days puts a lot of pressure on your pockets so make sure you book flights that has low airfare, in that way you would be able to save money for the rest of your trip. I have usually seen people spending too much on taking a single trip and later they tend to regret it as they have to keep postponing the other trips which they had planned earlier. So, do not postpone any of your travel plans just plan them wisely and enjoy every long weekend of 2017 away from the hassle bustle of the city life.

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