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9 Awesome Careers That Allows You To Explore The World

9 awesome careers that allows you to explore the world

You must have heard of people who left their job to travel around the globe?  What if we tell you that you won’t have to leave your job and still get to roam around every place you could think of!

Here we have got for you jobs which won’t kill your love for travel. Pick the one that suits you the most, pack your bags and set off.

Travel while you work!

Work while you travel!


Being an archaeologist, one is required to travel around the globe in order to recover & preserve artifacts from the past. Those with a career in archaeology take extended trips for their research projects, in every region of the Earth.

Cruise Line Worker

Working on a cruise is a highly sought-after job, not only because of the perks offered but also because it takes you places. When working on a cruise ship you get to make a while living traveling the world. The good news doesn’t here, you also receive free food, accommodations, and other luxury commodities. Anyone can work on a cruise be it a clerk or a performer or a chef etc.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Getting married at top-notch destinations has become quite a trend nowadays. And to capture the newlyweds’ big day at these beautiful places obviously becomes a must. And this takes the photographer to the destination, that too at someone else’s expense. With a great eye to photography, some experience, and a high-quality camera you are all set to catch the glimpses of the beautiful world out there.

Diving Instructor

Beyond the beauty of the land, there’s a lot more to discover under the water and you can live it by instructing others the basics of diving deep in the seas. If you are choosing Scuba Diving as your career, you would get the opportunity to see parts of the earth that most people never even can think of.

Flight Attendant

Being an air hostess or a flight attendant is the most obvious travel-related job and it’s also one of the most accessible. For becoming an air hostess, you don’t need any specialized degree as most of the airlines only require a basic graduation degree and a test that you need to pass from the aviation company.

Though one gets to travel a lot in this field, the work isn’t as easy and fun as it sounds. Air hostesses have to travel at erratic hours and stay away from the family for long periods. But at the end, it is the best thing to offer, good salary, additional perks, low cost of traveling via flight and yes, of course, the travel part.

International Tour Guide

Imagine spending your most of the time guiding other travel freaks about the glory of a mountain or the swiftness of a river and much more in your style, while you are being paid for it.  To become a tour guide, you must have the knowledge of different places, friendly nature, good interaction skills and zeal to travel and discover more.

Traveling Nurse

A traveling nurse is required to move around the country, from one hospital to the other, as per the emergency requirements. Though the work demands a lot of commitment and responsibility, you still can sneak out to fulfill your love to discover new places.

Performing Artists / Actors

If you good in the art of any form, like acting, dancing, singing, sculpting etc. be ready to travel across the world. Being an artist, you will always require inspiration and what’s better than taking it from travelling. Your profession will also demand you to travel to perform, exhibit your talent around the globe. There isn’t much introduction required for this field as you must have seen your favorite artist performing/exhibiting at different places.

Even professions related to this field like location scouts, makeup artists, event managers etc. also can travel as per the work demands.

Sports Person

A sportsperson will always have different matches arranged at different places. In the initial days you have to give full attention to the sports you are playing but as you go pro you can manage to hop around places as you like it. Also, once you are an established player you can afford all on your own to fulfill your love for travelling.

Apart from the professions listed above, there are many others you can pursue to fulfill your travel thirst. As it is said that where there is will there is a ‘way’, so find your way of travelling and earning at the same time. Happy travelling!

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