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Best Places to Beat the Heat This Summer

best places to beat the heat this summer

Month of April is here and the sun is at its full might. What better time to escape this scorching heat of the plains and take a trip to cooler places. We are lucky that India is blessed with mountains, hills, beaches and some exotic forest areas that provide relief from the heat wave. The best part of this month is that summer vacations are around the corner and everyone looks for a place to where they can beat the heat also break free and make some beautiful memories with their family and friends. The only place that comes to our mind when we plan a trip during the summers are all the hill stations but India has some amazing places where you can travel this summer.

Here’s a List Of The Best Places To Beat The Heat This Summer:

Manali: A trip to Manali always forms pictures of green mountains among the snow-capped ranges. A vacation to such a place is always breath taking and relaxing. Manali is one of the most picturesque places in India. It is a land of mesmerizing beauty and lush greenery. You can easily take a flight to Manali from anywhere in India. The nearest airport is Bhuntar which is 50 kilometres from Manali. There are plenty of things to do in Manali that include a snow ball fight and some amazing adventure sports.

Coorg: Coorg is one of those hill stations which is best known for its natural beauty along with delicious and exotic cuisine. You will be mesmerized at the sight of its valleys, mountains, and forests. The sight is overwhelming and picture perfect. You will not get tired of taking pictures as each picture will portray a different kind of beauty. You can fly down to Manali from anywhere in India as the closest airport is in Mangalore. In Coorg to beat the heat you can enjoy their water sports.

Coonoor: This summer if you are looking for a subtle and serene location away from the city madness then Coonoor is the perfect place for you. It is the best place to take your better half for a quiet and alone time. The location is picture perfect and has the capacity to put a spell on you with its beauty. Many of you may ask is it possible to fly down to Coonoor. Well, the answer is yes, you can fly down to Coonoor as the closest airport is Coimbatore which is just 48 kilometres away from Coonoor.

Haridwar And Rishikesh: Are you a traveller who loves to visit holy places? Well, I am and so, Haridwar and Rishikesh is always on my choice list whenever I sit down to decide where I want to travel to for the summers. This pilgrim land is an enchantress who casts a spell on you with its serenity. This destination is also called the adventure capital of India. I prefer to fly down to Dehradun as it is 41 kilometres away from Haridwar.

Shimla: Most of the time to beat the summer blues I prefer escaping to Shimla. Shimla is a relaxing yet fun retreat. It is a perfect blend of Indian magnificence and British elegance. It is not only my and many others favourite for its picturesque beauty but also for its rich history. You can fly down to Shimla from anywhere in India as the closest airport is Chandigarh.

Munnar: I have taken a trip to Kerala quite a few times but no place in Kerala has touched my heart and soul more than Munnar. Its beauty, serenity, peaceful and enjoyable climate impressed me the most. It is the most visited place in Kerala but when you go there you feel that it has never been touched by man. Munnar has been the most famous tourist resort from the British era. I know how tough it is to get vacation leave from office so just fly down to Cochin as that is the nearest airport.

Mount Abu: My first trip to this only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu was very refreshing so, I always suggest this place to people who are looking for some wonderful travel experiences. Being a wanderlust myself I can vouch for this place. The city though guarantees a hustle bustle to its tourists but if you are looking for peace you should give the Jain temples a visit. They are the most peaceful places. Do not forget to stop at Nakki lake for a boat ride as it will refresh you and you would want to take a second trip to Mount Abu. It is always better to take a train to Mount Abu but if you want to save time take a flight to Udaipur as that is the nearest airport.

Gangtok: If you live in the Eastern side of India then you must have been to Gangtok almost for every summer vacation. But if you are from someplace else then I have my doubts. Gangtok is one of the most visited place by me. Whenever I am in doubt where to go I take a trip to Gangtok. It is the most beautiful hill station. This Sikkim capital is snuggled in clouds and covered in lush vegetation with a picture-perfect backdrop of Kanchenjunga. Fly down to Gangtok from anywhere in India as its nearest airport is in Bagdogra. The airfare to this place is always minimal.

This summers do not sit around your house complaining that it is so hot beat the heat by visiting some of the most beautiful places in India with Alpfly flight packages and hotel packages.

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