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How To Feel Like A Local While Travelling To Places Unknown

feel like a local while travelling to places unknown

What’s your ideal idea of travelling? We are sure it must be the same old practice of tourist spot selection, check, reservations, check; hotel booking, check; packing, check; everything else, check.

What If We Tell You About A Secret Of Travelling Places Better…

Travel like a local

And by that we mean travel as if you belong to the place, unfolding the beauty and submerging in the essence of the place, not per any time table but your own will. If you are keen to enjoy a place in and out, this is the best option for you and we can bet huge on that.

There is a unique charm in walking down the lanes unknown, suited up like the people around, indulging in those unforgetful talks about stories famous locally or sipping the chai having aroma you have not felt before. So, here are few tips which will sure take you to the unknown spots of known destinations.

Tips To Feel Like A Local While Travelling To Places Unknown

Ditch The Bus/Car/Flight Tour:

Bid good bye to these once you reach your destination and swear by bicycles and foot walk. It’s best to involve in your surrounding and eventually evolve by seeing things from your own point of view.

Befriend The Local Folk:

No one knows it better than the people residing in the place. While measuring the streets around, try striking a conversation or two and blending. You know never know when you might get invited at their place and be a part of their lifestyle.

Find Accommodation At Someone’s Home:

There are many people who offer such services. You can easily find about them online. Also, if you know somebody local, they can arrange it too! The best part about living at someone’s place is you don’t bump with the hustle of other tourists but with people well versed of their surroundings. You may also get recommended for their favorite hangout places.

Know About The Place In Advance:

Here we are not telling you to buy any of those big fat guide books but knowing a bit in advance will never hurt. It will be even better to read the blogs of certain famous travel bloggers who actually have been to the place and can give you some firsthand experience.

Learn Few Local Phrases:

So, if you have finally pulled your socks up to travel all on your own then be ready to learn few phrases to interact with the regional people around. The natives are usually not pundits in common languages and prefer local dialects. Knowing a bit common thing in their language will also help you to blend better.

Travel Off Seasons:

This will not only be easy on your pocket but will also give you more chances for one on one conversation with the locals. Like this you will fell less like a part of a super-conspicuous horde of other visitors

Don’t Rush:

Go with the flow and don’t try to cover up everything celebrated. Often there are places which are over hyped. Here we are not talking about the spots for which the place is known for, especially if you are travelling to a place for the first time. After all who would not visit Taj Mahal if travelling to Agra.

Dress Up Like The Won:

Dressing up right and similar will already make them have a notion about you loving the place and them too! This might get you some brownie points and let some cats out about the place.

Cut Yourself From The Social Platforms:

Nothing better than the everlasting memory casted on your brain. Other things can even be carried out later on when you are up with your regular routine. So, it would be better to enjoy yourself first than telling the world out there about it. Though do not refrain from capturing those moments on that DSLR of yours, but do not forget to splurge yourself before.

Be Ready To Wander:

Take the path untouched because often those are the most breathtaking ones. Spend some extra time in the coffee shop you like or go back to that place you loved being at. It’s good to be lost sometimes if the outcome is good.

We would say to free yourself from the rule book of travelling and make your own path because that’s when your will get the most surreal experiences.

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