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10 Spectacular Monsoon Destinations In India

monsoon destinations in india

Rains in India are like magic spells that is enchanted on you and which take you to a ‘Never land’. Many travelers do not think this is a good time to travel, but you cannot deny that there is a certain charm about vacationing during downpour. Well, I have always loved the rains and be it just taking a long drive during downpour or going on a vacation in rainy season it has always make me wonder about the beauty of nature. My list has some spectacular monsoon destinations in India, that will certainly change your opinion about the glorious rainy season. These are few places where you can enjoy vacations for relaxing, sightseeing and adventure accompanied by gentle winds, light raindrops and that enchanting fragrance of the Earth. This season of bliss, beauty and relief, savor one vacation in India of such pleasures.

Monsoon vacations in India are a lifetime experience as these exotic monsoon destinations in India leave you spellbound with its beauty. The hills and the mountains are blanketed with lush greenery, the lakes are overflowing with sparkling water and the waterfallsbecome a heavenly scenariothat will make you fall in love with Incredible India.

If you are one of those people who don’t mind getting wet, then these amazing places are perfect for sipping a hot coffee and enjoying the hot pakodas during monsoon vacation.


It is one of the most enchanting monsoon destinations in India, Coorg is the not just the most beautiful hill stations of Karnataka but also it is the most exotic hill station of India. Whenever we think of hill station the first thing that come to our mind is snow but Coorg is blessed with gorgeous scenery carpeted with vast coffee plantations, it is the perfect getaway during the monsoons.


Nestled in the lap of clouds, Shillong in Meghalaya is on the top of my list for the best places to visit in India during monsoon. It is famous for its captivating beauty. This hill town looks all the more exotic during the monsoons. If you really don’t mind getting a bit drenched, then this place is a perfect getaway. The misty clouds, lush green scenario and the roaring waterfalls are the soul reasons for visiting this land.


Munnar is truly a paradise on Earth in Kerala. If you are planning a vacations this monsoon Munnar should definitely be on your list. The magical rains add a dash of magic and romance to the already beautiful hills of Western Ghats. It is a prime tea-growing region blanketed with emerald-green tea plantations. During this season the mist covers the mountain tops, seasonal waterfalls are a breathtaking sight and the ambiance is very soothing. The best thing about a monsoon vacation in Munnar is that it is crowd-free and the hotels and resorts offer great discounts. But if you are not sure whether you will get one or not you can always book luxury hotel deals online before starting your trip.

The Valley Of Flowers:

The Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is according to me one of the most beautiful places on Earth. You may ask why wait for monsoon to visit this beauty it is because monsoon is the best time as the mountain flowers of practically every shade, blooms after the rain. Trust me there is no better time that monsoons to enjoy the beauty of more than 400 varieties of flowers in their full bloom.


Udaipur is the next stop on my list of best monsoon destinations in India. Though it receives the lowest rainfalls in the country but it is just enough for a pleasant climate. This city is all snuggled up in the lap of the Aravalis and is prominent for the number of lakes. It is also called the ‘most romantic destinations in India’ and I am sure you can imagine the romance that is possible during the rains.


Alleppey looks and feel divine during the monsoons. ‘Gods’ Own Country’ Kerala receives the maximum rain and Alleppey shares its bliss. The monsoons make the backwaters more beautiful. If you really want to explore this spectacular place, you must take a backwater cruise through its lakes, river and canals.


‘The Gift of the Forest’, Kodaikanal is a scenic beauty whose charm gets further magnified during the monsoon. This small hill town in Tamil Nadu definitely makes up for a refreshing vacation in the rains. The charm doesn’t die even after the rains as the waterfalls are a sight worth gazing. And if you are lucky, you may experience, a rare phenomenon called ‘Brachem Specter’ where you actually see yourself in the clouds. Magical right!!


If you are a wanderer then you must visit the second rainiest place on Earth, Cherrapunji. The land of forests, farmlands, pastures and houses shine with a healthy glow during the rains. The site is similar to the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands. And the cottony clouds play a game of hide and seek, engulfing the terrain in a beautiful whiteness and bringing down the visibility to a null. Go for romantic walks while enjoying the rustic beauty of Meghalaya. Fall in love with rains in Cherrapunji.


The next stop on my list is Wayanad. A hill town in Kerala, nestled in the lap of Western Ghats, is blessed with a picturesque beauty, waterfalls, wildlife and adventure. In recent years, tourist visit Wayanad to not only enjoy the rains but also to witness ‘Neelakurinji’ vivid blue flowers which blooms once in 12 years.


Orchha, perfect place to experience magic of the monsoons. The rains turn this dry corner of Malwa plateau into the greenest and a romantic spot. The Betwa River is revived by the rain and the town is blessed with picturesque scenery, rolling hills and serene bliss. Not just the scenery, the historical forts, palaces, temples, monuments, memorials, and other heritage re-create the nostalgia of its golden period.

So, this monsoon enjoys your warm coffee and pakodas at these beautiful destinations. And as the travel traffic is low you can easily find some of the best flight deals online. So, take a trip and fall in love with monsoon.

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