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7 Ways To Enjoy The Romantic Rainy Season / Monsoon In Delhi

monsoon in delhi

Delhi as many of you may think is not always super cold or super hot. It does share its fair share of romantic rainy days. Minus all the traffic, monsoon in Delhi is kind of a celebration where kids are on the streets getting drenched in rain, you can see couples spending some ‘we’ time sitting in the nearby cafes, friends make plans to reconnect with each other over road trips or just a friendly chat with brewing coffee and families spend a good time at the popular picnic spots like the India Gate.

The rains in Delhi bring with them a whiff of cold and fresh air with tiny down pouring raindrops coming from the northern hills. This is the perfect time to be in Delhi and do the things that any Delhi lite would do – take in the smell of the wet soil, pick up your umbrellas, run out, get completely drenched, and then for the final touch gorge over those lip smacking street foods in Delhi.

There are few really awesome things that you can do during the rainy season in Delhi that would make you wait for the rains each year. We all welcome monsoon in very different styles some enjoy their solitude while snuggling up in a corner with an interesting book, some enjoy a brewing cup of coffee at a cozy café, some just simply hate staying indoors while it rains for them here are some fun in the rain stuff they can do in Delhi:

Join Your Friends For A Cup Of Coffee:

Delhi boasts of having some of the coziest and most colourful cafes where you can hang out with your friends. But there are some places like the Sky bar in Vasant Kunj where you can sit by the glass windows with a brewing cup of coffee in your hand going through the pages of some interesting novel or just gossiping away with your buddies while it pours outside.

Go On A Food Drive On A Rainy Day:

People of Delhi are big on street food. There are plenty high end restaurants spread around the city but still the Delhi people prefer the street food. And during the rains it is practically difficult to resist the street food of Delhi. So, why not go on a food drive with your friends to some of the best spots around Delhi and give your taste buds a chance to say ‘WOW’.

Take A Road Trip To Murthal And Be Mesmerized With The Open Road:

Murthal a destination that is 50 km away from Delhi is a perfect location if you are a food junkie. You will definitely fall in love with the open road mainly due to the dark sky while little raindrops pour down on you. No trip can beat a bike ride to Murthal during the monsoons in Delhi. This trip can be with your friends to experience the fun on the open road or with your significant other.

The City Looks Photogenic After A Shower Capture Its Beauty In Photographs:

If you love photography then going out with your camera after a down pour is the perfect time to capture Delhi in its pure glory. The historical spots and even some other famous spots in Delhi looks mesmerizing and breathtaking. There are many places in Delhi to visit in the monsoon and some of them are Humayum’s tomb, Qutub Minar, India Gate etc. But make sure to capture their beauty in your camera as after a shower these spots look incredibly beautiful.

Ride On The ‘Ho-Ho’ Bus And Explore The City:

Whether you’re a guest in Delhi or you are a resident of the city, you must give the Ho-Ho bus a try during the rains in Delhi. You can easily enjoy some of the most spectacular sights while riding on the bus. And the best part about this little sight seeing adventure is that you don’t have to plan your trip, you just need to decide on a stop from which you want to board the bus and then just take a trip around the city as long as you want.

Coffee And Your Favorite Book Are Best Friends During The Rains:

When Delhi sky turns grey and the clouds starts to hang low, it feels like a brewing cup of coffee and your favorite author’s book have become great friends and would prefer chilling together. Although I feel anytime is the perfect time to read a good book, but even for me monsoon is the perfect weather to spend some quality time with the book I was planning on reading for a very long time. So, why not find that perfect corner for yourself and step into a world of imagination through the pages of your book. Well, Delhi does have some really awesome book cafes you can try like the café wanderlust.

Paddle Under The Drizzle:

Imagine riding a boat in the beautiful lakes in and around Delhi while it drizzles. It sounds romantic right? Well, the experience is more romantic than the sound of it. So take your significant other on a boat ride during the rains in Delhi.

Whatever be your idea of fun in the rain make sure that you do not miss out on some of these while you are in Delhi during the monsoon as you will certainly wait for the monsoons every year once you try these.

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