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Places In India Every College Student Should Visit

places in india every college student should visit

“Travel while you are young so that you can tell stories when you are old”

College life is the best time of a person’s life as you do not have a fixed timetable of school and tuitions nor you have to count 9 hours of office. You are free to take as many trips as you want. Make this phase of your life not a long holiday but many small and memorable vacations. Travel when you are young and able as some places are best to be enjoyed with your friends than family.

Getting permission from the parents during college days is not that much hard and there is nothing to stop you if only you can arrange the money for the trip but again there are places that are fun and even can be explored on a shoe string budget. Travelling to different parts of the country, discovering new things and places and meeting new people can be a great opportunity in grooming you as a complete person. So be alive and put on your travelling shoes to explore the destination you desire to go.

Here is a list of some of my favorite places in India every college student should visit:

  1. Dive Into The Beauty Of Manali:

    If you are mountain lover like me then Manali should probably be the first place you should visit. To start with it has ease of access, attractive and picturesque mountains, joyful and heavenly atmosphere and enchanting weather. Manali was always my favorite destination and as per my knowledge it a darling destination of every college groups. Main attractions or in better words adventurous attractions added to this destination are paragliding, rappelling and a visit to the Great Himalayan National Park. The place is so appealing that once you are here you wouldn’t want to go back home.

  2. When In Doubt Go To Goa:

    Haven’t you watched the movie “Dil Chahata Hai”. Well, I know all of you have and you must defiantly know how astonishing and ravishing the place is. I always prefer a road trip from Mumbai to Goa so that I can experience the calmness of the road when the scene shifts from the chaotic city life to a serene surrounding. But if you prefer a flight straight to Goa you can do that too. Goa is that exclusive destination that attracts youth more and more every month of the year. Ravishing beaches, tremendous night-life and a fantastic sea diving spot makes it the perfect combination to relax your mind along with your friends. The final touch comes with a trek to Dudhsagar waterfalls and I am sure you will fall in love with the place.

  3. Raft Away At Rishikesh:

    If you have a group that is adventurous then you might not want to miss the rafting with the Gangetic force in Rishikesh. For some people getting permission might be a problem but if you can manage that then you are in for an experience of the lifetime. Rafting on the roaring Ganga rapids will definitely elevate your adventurous spirit to a new level. Do not for get to book your adventure beforehand. You can call up any rafting organizer and book your spot. The ride with the Ganga rapids will offer you such a wonderful experience that you will not prefer leaving the place and returning to your home.

  4. Bandipur Forest Wildlife:

    Bandipur is a perfect place to visit in India when we talk about forests and safari park. If you have a group that has the wild streak, then let it take over and take your travel shoes to Bandipur forest. It is located at the foothills of the Nilgiris. Give the dense jungles of Bandipur, Karnataka a visit and expect to run into endangered Asiatic wild elephants, jungle monkeys and even a wild cat along the way. A drive through the wilderness is all you can ask for in your twenties.

  5. Scotland in India, Coorg:

    Is your trip is after your exams and all you wish for is some relaxation or do you need to beat the pressures of living in a metro city, well what ever be the need Coorg has the solution to it as visit Coorg and do just nothing! Relax in the cool air, velvety and lush green surroundings and royally enjoy some locally grown delicious tea. After spending hours preparing for in the semester, this would be the perfect place to calm your mind.

Travelling while you are young is the best thing you can do as at this time you do not get tired easily and you do not have to count your vacation days. You can just pack your bags and leave to experience life the way you should do that is as a free spirit. Travel to lose yourself to find you’re your true self.

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