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10 Rules To Remember While Placing Lord Ganesha Idol At Home Or Work

placing ganesha at home or work

In my childhood, I remember sitting beside my mother and listening to numerous stories of Ganpati on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi while my mother prepared various offerings for the puja. Between stuffing coconut inside rice dumplings and scolding me for stealing laddoos that she made or jaggery, she would tell me many stories of Ganesha’s birth and how he got the elephant head. Each year, the stories would be different like a different part of Lord Ganesha’s life and significance would vary just like his various forms.

As I grew up I got more and more attracted to the morals that each legend taught. Those morals had started to guide my life. But last year when I was visiting I told her that I wanted to keep a Ganesh idol on my work desk just for good luck that is when she told me that Lord Ganesha is not just for good luck there are many rules that you should remember while placing Lord Ganesha. There are different types of Ganesha and each have a different meaning. On asking her what were they she gave me total 10 rules to remember.

I know most of you may have a number of Ganesh statues at home but here are those 10 rules that you should remember while placing Ganesha idol at home or work.

Why Do We Worship Him, What Does He Symbolize?

We have been worshiping lord Ganesha before taking any new endeavors but did you know there is a reason why lord Ganesha is worshiped before beginning any new endeavors? Lord Ganesha is the lord of joy, happiness, and success. Lord Ganesha has always blessed his devotees with prosperity and fortune and he has always been worshiped with the believe that he is the remover of obstacle. This believe has come in to being because of the legends that tells that he himself have overcome obstacles. He has always symbolized prosperity and joy and that is the sole reason to worship him before taking up any new task.

Where Should You Place Him?

I have seen people keeping Ganesha idol as memento which I feel shouldn’t be done as the idol should always be placed on the correct spot just like any other Vastu item that we would place in our house. It is believed that by placing lord Ganesha’s idol in the correct spot you can reinforce the positive vibes in the house. But which is the right place, well the northeast corner of the house is the perfect location to place the idol as per Vastu. This corner is also known as the ‘Ishaan’ corner.

What Does White Ganesha Idol Symbolize?

You might be aware of the different colours of Lord Ganesha idol that is available but did you know what colour of Ganesha should you bring home? If you are worshiping lord Ganesha for happiness peace and prosperity, then you should always bring home white Ganesha as white symbolizes peace and prosperity.

Do You Know What Vermillion Ganesha Is For?

Vermillion Ganesha is not that common as the others that we very commonly see but if you want to establish Ganesha at home for self-growth, then vermillion Ganesha is perfect for you as the colour vermillion symbolizes spiritual ascendancy of mankind.

Why Should You Buy Sitting Ganesha For Your Home?

We have been hearing for ages that sitting Ganesha is best for your home. You should always buy a seated Ganesha when you want to establish Ganesha at home. But we never wondered why. But when I asked my mother why we should always get a seated Ganesha she asked me a question what kind of atmosphere do we want at home and my obvious answer was a calm atmosphere. That is when she said that is what a seated Ganesha symbolizes. A seated Ganesha represent calmness with a determined demeanor which is the kind of energy we should always expect at home.

Do You Know What Side The Trunk Should Be As Per Rituals?

While buying Ganesh idol I always saw my mother rejecting idols as per the position of the trunk when I finally asked her last year she told me that you should always buy a Ganesh idol that has his trunk on his left hand side as it represents happiness and success. But if the trunk is tilted to his right hand side it is said that then he is difficult to please as it represents the power of the sun. Lastly she also added that but if you are not high on rituals always choose an idol that looks happy.

What Ganesha Should Be Placed At Your Work Desk?

If you are planning to place a Ganesh idol at your work desk make sure to buy a standing Ganesha as a standing Ganesha will bring energy and enthusiasm to your work.

Small Things That You Should Remember While Buying An Idol

There are some small details that you should always remember while buying a Ganesha idol. Make sure that the mouse and a plate of modak is the part of the statue. You must be wondering why, well the mouse represents material desire that can be completed but that desire should not harm your inner peace. But the sweets that is the plate of modak represents that you should not get distracted by anything when you are on undertaking any endeavor hence it is left untouched.

Always Remember One Idol Is Enough

As per Vastu even energies counteract with each other. So, it is very important that you remember to keep only one Ganesha idol on your altar as you need only one idol for happiness and success.

Remember Its Purpose Before Making It A Memento

You might not follow all these rules but always remember the felling you get when you see lord Ganesha’s idol. He shows us the pathway to happiness, inner peace and success in life. He is a symbol of perseverance at the face adversity.

Many people like to decorate their homes with statues of Lord Ganesha but before you do that make sure you know these basic rules of placing Ganesha idol. I have always loved a Ganesh idol at home as it has always given me strength and positivity so, if you prefer the same then buy an idol but remember to follow these rules.

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