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Seven Sisters Of India – The Paradise On The Earth

seven sisters of india

When we talk of heaven on earth or a paradise on earth there are number of places that we can think of and one of them is India. It is not only heavenly but also a magical land that attracts tourists from all around the globe; and why wouldn’t it? After all, within the cultural boundaries of India one will find snow-capped mountains, dreamy beaches, abundant greenery, major metropolitan cities, national parks and even a desert! And the best part about the cities of India that every city or state have their own special culture, cuisine and tradition. The Incredible India definitely has a lot to offer to an avid traveler.

Many cities and states of India are prominent and well recognized tourist destinations but sadly there are still places that are heavenly but still unexplored. In this context only one name pops up in my mind and that is the North East India. It beholds few of the most enjoyable and beautiful destinations and yet they are hardly visited. That is mainly owing to the permit restrictions and ethnic violence. But in the recent times the trend is changing as more and more people are enthusiastic to visit the beautiful lands of the North east. To all the offbeat travelers and nature lovers this particular region of India has a lot to offer. So, let’s take a look at the seven wonders of the North East known as the seven sisters of india.

Seven Sisters of India

Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura are known for their origin at the foothills of the gigantic Himalayas, magnificent valleys and exotic flora and fauna. There was always a great ethnic and religious diversity within these seven states. Did you know that most of these states were independent and their complete integration with India came only during the British Raj? Northeastern tour begins from Guwahati which is also considered as the gateway to paradise on earth. Guwahati is connected through the major airports as well as the Indian Railways. So, you can easily get ready for an amazing trip to the North East of India.

  1. Arunachal Pradesh:

    The land of Dalai Lama and also a place that offers splendid beauty. Arunachal Pradesh is an amalgam of natural wonders, sanctuaries and monasteries. Within the lap of natural beauty, you are sure to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Whether you wish for an eye pleasing view or for some adventure, Arunachal Pradesh will definitely fulfill your wishes.

  2. Assam:

    Assam, known as the gateway to the seven sister states and also one of the most popular destination in North East India. The palatial natural beauty, the beautiful tea plantations will surely make your trip to Assam a success. You can easily lazy around in the flawless environment which is a definite refreshing change from the chaotic city life.

  3. Manipur:

    Manipur is often referred to as the Jewel of the East. It is a city that is filled with natural magnificence and splendor. Once you are there you are bound to witness the beauty of wooded hills, picture perfect valleys, soul soothing and calming lakes and some of the most amusing falls create a magical effect on the viewers and are bound to leave the tourists astounded.

  4. Meghalaya:

    Meghalaya, a state with a large number of natural beauties and attractions; from magnificent peaks and mysterious caves to a large number of beautiful lakes and falls Meghalaya has it all. It also consists of what is called living tree bridges thus, making the place more and more enchanted and magical. Moreover, it is also the dwelling place of the popular hill stations Shillong and the wettest place in India- Cherrapunji.

  5. Mizoram:

    Mizoram is also known as the “land of Blue Mountains”. It is a worth visit state just like its other sister states. Mizoram also has some breathtaking and amazing scenic beauties. The picture perfect landscape and a perfect climate characterizes the state of Mizoram. Festivals and celebrations keep this place lively and colourful. Its dense bamboo forests, gushing and yet beautiful waterfalls and the presence of a huge variety of flora and fauna make Mizoram an exotic location to visit.

  6. Nagaland:

    Nagaland also known as the ‘Land of Mysticism’. It is essentially a tribal and an untamed land. Nagaland is the home to nearly sixteen major recognized tribes. Thus, making the rawness of this place its specialty. The tribal people of Nagaland are very warm and friendly. This nature of theirs often attract and entertain a huge number of tourists. Moreover, Nagaland is also popular for its vibrant festivals such as the Hornbill festival which is a worth watch festival as it is one of its kind.

  7. Tripura:

    Tripura is the second tiniest state of India but the attractions and beauty it offers are innumerable. The influence of the European, Mughals and Buddhists makes Tripura a place unlike any other place in India. Its dense forests and mesmerizing lakes turns the land into a paradise you must visit. Once in Tripura you must indulge in some bamboo product shopping, handloom weaving and a pleasurable boat ride it its beautiful lakes.

A visit to North East India is a must but not only for its heavenly views, but also for the innumerable adventures it offers. Each state is different from the other and teaches us something new. A trip to North East is sure to be a refreshing change from any other holiday destinations in India. Picturesque beauty, vivid culture and varied cuisines are some of the things that undoubtedly sums up the entire North East India. And these are the things that will make your trip a memorable one.

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