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Finding cheap airfare ticket to fly anywhere in India has never been much easier with Alpfly than it is now, offering hundreds of destinations across the country at competitive prices. If flying to a destination for pleasure, India has got endless number of places you can fly to. And if it’s for business, you already have your ultimate destination on your fingertip, all you have to do is find cheap flight deals. Alpfly already has your needs covered so you can have a hassle free travel.

Ultimate travel destinations

India is a mysterious and beautiful country to explore, even beyond Mumbai and Delhi which are often hyped about so much. If you need an off the track vacation, how about Dehradun, among the least heard but greatest gems in India. This city boasts of stunning beauty from nature; has sacred Ganges River running to the east, Yamuna River flowing to the west and the city itself lying at Himalaya’s foothills in Doon Valley.

If you need a much calmer getaway, how about Rishikesh, the holy city and origin of yoga. It is set amidst hills and located on banks of Ganges River, boasting of numerous temples, shrines, yoga institutes and ashrams. Rishikesh is simply an ultimate getaway destination for those in need of spiritual peace in the middle of nature.

For history buffs, Patna is a great destination to reach out for. The city boasts of rich culture and history of ancient treasures of the likes of Padri Ki Haveli. This is Bihar’s oldest church and has survived so many attacks throughout history. Today, it is simply an architectural wonder and well known as where Mother Teresa did her nursing apprenticeship thus making it one of the most popular destinations in the country.

And if you are interested in visiting the modern world metropolitan cities in India, you can get cheap airfare tickets to Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kashmir, Goa and Kerala. However, you shouldn’t miss the smaller towns of Agra, Puri, Jaisalmer, Darjeeling, Pondicherry, Jaisalmer and many others. Nicobar and Andaman islands in Bengal Bay are definitely a must see.

These are just a few of the many spectacular destinations in India that you can fly to for pleasure. You can get cheap flight deals from Alpfly to any of these destinations and save more money to make your getaway even more fun.

Getting around

All of India is very well connected by train, with the country’s railway network covering 115,000km and over 7,500 stations. But let get facts straight, travelling by train to far destinations can be very tiresome, considering that the country is very expansive. By the time you get to your destination, you’ll be long tired and stressed making your getaway even more frustrating.

If you need to get around much faster, domestic flights are definitely the better choice. And many airlines and travel agencies such as Alpfly have made it so much affordable to fly anywhere in India through their cheap flight deals.

What’s more is that unlike train, flights come with attractive deals for different classes of people and with regard to the time of the year. This makes flying to any destination in India much cheaper in the long run and more convenient. You simply need to play your game right when it comes to booking your flights.

So, next time you think of travelling from one side of the country to another, think of flying and go for the cheap airfare deals offered at

A few years back, airfare prices hiked significantly in the country, the major reasons being the increase in the jet fuel prices, major airline issues among several other problems. This in a way contributed to finding the lowest domestic airfare tricky.

Gone are such days, nowadays the Indian skies have witnessed a major increase in the number of airlines which to some extent have boosted competition. Unlike the past days where you had to be luckier to get low price airfare offers from the few airlines available, today there are so many offers awaiting. You simply need to know where and how to get them.

Generally, there’s no fixed trick or tip you can use to purchase low cost airfare. However, you must be aware of the things that might give you the lowest airfare deals in this century. Let’s have a review of some of these things.

How to Find Cheap Flights or Lowest Domestic Airfare

Rule of thumb

Everyone’s probably familiar with early booking when it comes to saving hugely. In fact, it’s a golden rule of thumb. If you are sure that you’ll be travelling in the next 2 to 3 months, make your reservations accordingly. You are more likely to land on a lowest domestic airfare offer as opposed to last minute booking.

Online booking

Most of the domestic travellers in India like booking their flights from different online portals. Some of the best online portals to book flights with include among others. It is more likely that you’ll get the best price airfare with an online portal, though the prices on the portals are not so different from those posted on an airline’s site. Most people still prefer to make their flight reservations from portals.

The best service

Booking directly from the portal of an airline gives you the best service coupled with the low airfare prices. Let’s say for instance you’ve cancelled your flight by four months and want the ticket to be in open status. You can simply contact airline directly without going through the portal.

Do your research well

Most people are fond of booking flights with big sites only without doing some analysis. The truth of the matter is that there are so many other smaller sites that offer budget airfare. If you’ve got enough time, simply ask friends for referrals or explore the web for the lowest domestic airfare offers.

Be on the lookout for concessions

Most airlines usually offer discounts to different classes of travellers without making it known to the travellers. Therefore, if you are a college student, you may stand a chance to get a student concession if you ask for it. If travelling with kids younger than 2 years, you may also be awarded huge discounts for their tickets. Some airlines also offer discounts for seniors and those from the army. Actually, there many different concessions for different people, you may need to ask for them if you really need a low price airfare. Be aware of whether you stand a chance to get such deals and know the airlines that offer them.

Subscribe to the email alerts

At times, you may not have the opportunity to do the search for an airline with the best deal, so subscribing to an email alert is the best way to getting notification as soon as a deal pops up. This is very helpful especially if you haven’t decided yet on a destination to travel to for a holiday getaway. This way you can fly anywhere in India with the lowest airfare prices as soon as the airline makes the deals available.

Get ready with a credit card

Last but not least, be prepared with a card since most of the attractive deals are available online. It is also tough and time consuming to visit an airline office to ask about low domestic airfare. Besides, who has all the time to get to an airline office when the process is made much easier online? Before booking online, check the prices properly and determine whether there are any other additional charges.

You might just land yourself the lowest domestic airfare with these tips, when used properly. Before extending your search further, you might want to start with, where you will get the lowest airfare domestic travel to the destination of your choice.


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At one point in time, we have all experienced the tiresome process of searching when in need of cheap airfare tickets in India. With the numerous search engines available and ever fluctuating prices, the process of manually searching for the best airfare deal is somewhat overwhelming.  

For you to get cheap airfare tickets, being witty a little can go an extra mile to getting you what you need. But this can only be true with those that have had an endless travel experience with different airlines and have gained enough know-hows. This is a usually a rare case with most of the travellers, hence seeking assistance seems like the best thing to go for. Here are some of the best tips that can save you frustration, time and most importantly your money when making flight reservations.

Go for the email alert sign up

When armed with the information concerning the prices of flight to different destinations across the country, it’s possible to fly anywhere in India. But getting cheap flight deals is sometimes hard to get, that’s why signing up for a newsletter is an easier way of getting an alert on a deal as soon as it pops up. This is a nice approach especially if you are looking for a last minute flight. Soon, your inbox will be filled with news on new routes and introductory rates as well as low airfare on last minute travels. When an airline still has a lot of empty seats, they will reduce the prices and inform their subscribers through their newsletters.

Make it a private affair

You must have noticed that the flight prices have changed after making a few searches in your browser. Under most occasions, flight prices increase based on your browser cookies when you search a particular route repeatedly. This is usually the case as most of the sites want to scare you off into booking a flight with in fear of even higher prices as time goes by. Always enable incognito mode or private browsing when searching for the best price airfare. If you want to begin a search on a clean slate, simply enable private browsing, which will reset your previous browsing, and then turn it off to commence the search.

Identify cheapest day for a flight

Even though there are several theories regarding booking flights on Tuesdays so as to save some cash, the truth is that there’s no consistency in the exact day to find the cheapest flight. Mostly, leaving on a weekday is usually cheaper, though not always the case. Hence the best strategy here is getting a quick flight prices visual through an entire month to identify which day has the cheapest airfare deals for your particular route.

Make early reservations

Searching for cheap airfare tickets is an essential part of slashing down your travel costs, but always take note of the time. Don’t spend too much time making comparisons especially when you know that your departure date is nearing. Start your search as early as possible and book your flight early enough before the festivities when prices hike.  When travel activities are fewer, it is the best time to get cheap flight deals from most of the airlines. Most often, the biggest savings are usually from bookings made far ahead of time.

Buy one way ticket

Though not always the case, buying a return ticket with the same airline can be a little expensive as compared to buying 2 one way flight tickets with different airlines. This way, you’ll not only get to save yourself some money, but you’ll also get more flexibility of choosing when to fly back.

Getting cheap airfare tickets can be as easy or as hard as you make it to be. It is just a matter of applying these tips and you can get the best airfare deals to get you to any destination in India. Take note though, that most of the airlines in India have improved their service delivery and provision of attractive airfares to beat their competitors. So you probably won’t have to use so much effort to finding what you need. Alpfly already has better airfare deals so you won’t have to spend time and fortune searching.


Booking agents, airlines and online travel agencies form the three main sources of cheap airfare tickets in India, either for international or domestic circuits. When in need for an air travel, everyone always tries as much as possible to get best price airfare. This fact makes it one of the major considerations for air travels.

What makes airfare tickets even better?

Airfare forms a significant part of travel expenses especially across the country and securing cheap airfare deals could resolve to saving quite a lot of money which adds up to the enjoyment of a trip or a getaway. So the question remains; how can you get cheap air tickets from airlines in India? The skies in India are as well open to private airline operators which adds up to the number of players in the fray. This has recently resulted to an increased level of competition among the airline companies.

The competition and the need to attract more travellers by airlines is what has boosted the airfare deals in India. Consequently, good deals and prices are also on offer for those travelling within the country by air. This is also boosted by the increased need to develop right strategies, adoption of innovative practices and creation of brand values with regard to distinctive USP’s.

Presence of a large number of airlines in the country has provided customers with greater airfare choices. Still, the customer is the king when it comes to choosing the best price airfare. Most of the airlines in India are using rewards programs, special benefits, and additional earned miles among other methods just to provide quality service at the best prices to their customers. By simply using the benefits offered by an airline, you can cross subsidize the airfares of one airline with another, ultimately giving you the lowest domestic airfare.

Best Price Airfare by Alpfly

Online travelling companies such as Alpfly provide travellers with a one-stop airfare travel solution to secure the best airfare deals not only from the airline companies but from the other segments of travel business., one of the leading providers of online travel solutions in India, is dedicated to providing its customers with cheap airfare tickets for all domestic as well as international travels. Alpfly is very much aware of each and every factor that has an effect on the pricing of air tickets. This coupled with the fact that it is a key player in the travel business in the country, you are sure of getting the best price airfare to fly anywhere in India.

With Alpfly, you get a one platform where the discounts for various dates, seasons and routes are not only unveiled to you, but you can also make your bookings online. Being a key player across the different travel business domains, you are offered with the simplest way to save time, money and effort. Based on the long term experience, you also get best tips and suggestions to make your flights across India completely hassle free.

Getting the best price airfare needs dependence on a uniquely positioned air travel company that can devise the lowest domestic airfare and air travel budget in general. By virtue that Alpfly also associates with different service providers, whether accommodation or transport, you are assured of cheap airfare and the best hotel and car rental deals for your entire travel budget. But it all begins with getting the best price airfare for your travel.

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