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Top Must Visit Romantic Destinations Near Mumbai For A Die-Hard Shahrukh Fan

top must visit romantic destinations near mumbai

Growing up on a steady diet of fairy tales and romance novels, I was always smitten by the idea of being in love so while travelling I always choose places that are romantic so that I can witness the beauty of love around me.

But growing up in a city I have never seen couples taking romantic strolls under the moonlight. So, an escapade to a romantic place has always been my way of honoring love. You might be thinking what is so special about romantic destinations well, its serene and quite and I can always hear myself which is rarely possible in a crowded city were there is touch chaos and the secondly you can see couples of different age group showering their love on each other.

I have always believed in the saying that love has no boundaries and no age limit, therefore, no matter what, it still grows each day you spend with your loved one. The superstar city Mumbai, which practically never sleeps is full of life. But it wasn’t too late before I realized the harsh reality of our so-called prosperous life. The 9-hour job schedule that we so earnestly follow has left no time to rekindle the romance with our better half.

So, this weekend take a trip to the romantic destinations near Mumbai and remember all the beautiful moments spend with your better half, hence rekindle that romance which your 9-hour job took away from you.

Top Must Visit Romantic Destinations Near Mumbai 


Thinking about spending some quality time with your better half with lakes and waterfalls as backdrop? Then Kolad is the perfect place for you. Kolad is a small secluded village with solitary environment that would captivate you completely. Its natural setting will leave you spellbound. You can also add a pinch of adventure to your trip by planning for river rafting with your better half while you are vacationing at one of the most romantic places near Mumbai.

Malshej Ghat:

This is a beautiful hill-station near Mumbai, which according to me is the perfect place for passionate nature lovers. Malshej Ghat has a rejuvenating climate and its greenery is very refreshing. Watching its heavenly mountains fading in the clouds with your better half will be one of the many memorable experiences that you would want to recall again and again. Its un-spoilt tranquility makes it an ideal destination for the people who are looking for some peace in the lap of nature.


The scenic location of Jawahar with dense green forests and waterfalls is a place that is meant to be explored with your beloved. Dadar-Kopra falls, Palusa Falls and Jai Vilas Palace are some of the romantic places that you can visit in Jawahar. But, do not forget to see the traditional paintings there. They too are breath taking.


The peacefulness of Bhandardara attracts many nature lovers who want to get some quality time with their better half. This romantic destination near Mumbai fulfills every couple’s dream of a romantic holiday. Bhandardara has a vast number of things to offer such as hill station, trekking, forts, lakes, falls and of course fishing. But visiting such a romantic place requires equally romantic hotel to stay well, for that you can always stay at any 5 star hotels in Mumbai that is closer to Bhandardara.


Igatpuri is among the best places to visit near Mumbai for couples looking for romantic getaway. It is a beautiful and exciting hill station endowed with a melting pot of natural beauty. You can experience the scenic beauty of cascades, dense woody forests and pebbly terrain. You can also offer prayer at the beautiful temples accompanied by the range of hills at the backdrop with your beloved.


The pristine sandy beaches and the breath taking blue sea are the two things that you cannot miss when you are on a romantic trip! Kashid is located between the hummocks with casuarinas groves all around its beach. The beaches of Kashid are by far the best romantic getaway near Mumbai that attracts a number of tourists who want to spend their weekend with their loved one. Chaul that is near the destination is also worth exploring as it is abounded with Buddhist caves, temples and churches.

So, are you among those couple who prefer cuddling up at home on weekends just to avoid that extra cost that would come with travelling then, think again as you can spend a romantic weekend at some of the most romantic places near Mumbai that too at a very minimal rate.

You might be wondering what about hotel rated and your comfort as your weekend vacation can only turn out romantic if you stay at a hotel that is very comforting. Well, being from Mumbai you must be aware of all the luxury hotel deals in Mumbai but there are equally beautiful and comfortable hotel available in all these places which is easy on your pocket. So, take a romantic getaway at any of these beautiful places near Mumbai and gather memories for lifetime.

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