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Witness India Like Never Before During Diwali – Different Places Different Style

witness india like never before during diwali

As legend has it, Diwali is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after triumphing over Ravana. The custom prevailed and Diwali is celebrated with full pomp and show till date!

Fast forward to the busy lives of today, Diwali and festivals of such sort have become that time of year where you get to connect with your family, taking time out of your busy lives.

Falling in the big long weekends of October, this year Diwali has given even more reasons to enjoy the festival of lights.

Owing to this, we have decided to help in giving a twist to your regular Diwali celebration by enlisting top places in India to celebrate Diwali other than your own home. Here are top places in India where Diwali has its own light, all brighten up and lighten up. Select your favorite destination, pack bags and off you go!


varanasi diwali celebration

With its already fascinating Aartis famous around the world, Varanasi is no doubt called the favorite abode of Gods. Diwali in Varanasi is an extravaganza affair which is something sure to be witnessed once in your life.

Start your day with a rejuvenating dip in the sacred Ganga. Get relived and hit the busy market of local hawkers selling best of the Diwali items. Enjoy your day by roaming around the places of historical importance while submerging in the spirit of Diwali all around. With the passage of the day and the Diwali lights putting even the night to shame, listen to the melody of spiritual chants and mantras. And who can avoid the crackers adding up to the melodious glamour of Diwali in the city. Be a part of the city’s grandeur Diwali celebration and in the end to create an everlasting memory take a boat ride and drench your soul in the spirit of the festival!


jaipur diwali celebrations
There is no second thoughts when it comes to the beauty of Jaipur. The city has its own magic spell and allures us more with its enthralling palaces and raw charms of local Rajasthani dialects.Diwali celebration in Jaipur is not just limited to brightening up the houses but the whole city is decorated as a newlywed bride too, shining in its own glory. The houses, markets, streets and every nook and corner is put up for a dazzling display!

Here in Jaipur every year there is a competition for the best illuminated and decorated market. What’s worth noticing here is that it’s the government which organizes it. Johari Bazaar in particular has earned the title of “The Strip”, just as Las Vegas, owing to the way it withholds the glaring beauty during Diwali. A must visit during Diwali we say!


kolkata diwali celebrations

Kolkata has its own way of Diwali celebration. While the rest of the India worships Maa Laxmi – The Goddess of wealth on Diwali, Kolkata (and the whole of West Bengal, Odisha, Tripura and Assam as well) celebrates the day primarily by worshiping Maa Kali along with Laxmi poojan. The unique offerings made to Goddess Kaali during the fest adds on to the uniqueness Diwali celebration in Kolkata.

The firework of the city has its own place and is sure to make you go in awe. The way whole city celebrates Diwali in a spirit definitely defending its title ‘City Of Joy’.


goa diwali celebrations

Is party the word which comes to your mind when someone says Goa? you may be mistaken because this place definitely knows how to turn even a spiritual fest as Diwali into complete rocking celebration.

Diwali here begins at Naraka Chaturdashi. People take cleaning their places quite literary here, later on decorating it with full pomp and show. It is a norm here to make scary looking effigies of Narakasura – the devil. The scarier it is, the closer you are to winning various competitions held of being the ugliest ones. Goans are excellent in making the scariest and really huge Narakasuras.

The effigies are burnt on choti Diwali. The celebration then continues to the main day with all the traditional Goan sweets, crackers. How can Diwali celebration and Goa together be mentioned without the hint of gambling? The night gets spiced up with people trying their luck hard in the top casinos of Goa. It is recommended for you to book floating casinos in advance during this time of the year so as not miss any fun.


delhi diwali celebrations

Much before the actual Diwali, you can get to hear crackers cracking in the capital city of India – Delhi. People of Delhi believe in putting up a grand show and what can be better occasion for them than a festival like Diwali, having all the elements of fun.

During Diwali in Delhi markets and fairs are held up everywhere. The city’s spirit is a must to be witnessed. Dilli Haat at INA holds famous Diwali Bazaar where you can find handcraft items, clothes, lanterns etc. Other famous bazaars worth visiting for Diwali shopping are Dastkar Festival of Lights Diwali Mela, Diwali carnival at Sundar nagar which is being held successfully from the past 50+ years, The Diwali mela held by Blind School holds is also worth giving a shot etc.

The amalgamation of sound, light, and spirituality during Diwali makes it one of the most sought-after festivals in India. These top places for Diwali celebration in India further pump up the festive spirit. So, give a new dimension to your Diwali celebration this year and be a part of the perfect mix of culture and fun.

Team Alpfly wishes you all Shubh Diwali!

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