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Daffodil Plan

Customize your stay

4+5 star properties

Plan Tariff: 34,999 for 10 nights ( 3,499 per night)


• On buying this plan, you will be benefited with an unbeatable price of ₹ 3499 per night.

• This plan is valid for one year and the customer can use his/her 10 nights (6 nights for 4 star & 4 nights for 5 star) in 12 months.

• On buying this plan, the price of the hotel stay will be fixed to ₹ 3499 per night for the entire year, and it will not fluctuate even in
   peak seasons.

• There are no hidden charges. Prices are all inclusive of taxes and charges.

• Plan is applicable to stay in eight major metro cities of India.

• The customer can book the date of his/her choice and it is our duty to make you stay on your preferred date.

• The customer don't have to pay every time he/she stay. Once he/she buy the plan, they can enjoy every stay on flat price round the

• The package can also be gifted to your loved ones.

• Now you can plan your hotel stay whenever you want at fixed price.

• You can enjoy the stay at luxurious properties in lowest prices.

• Stay in this plan offers the room with double occupancy.

• This category is applicable only for 4 and 5 star (6 nights for 4 star & 4 nights for 5 star) properties in the mentioned 8 cities.

• In this plan, the customer can stay for 10 nights (6 nights for 4 star & 4 nights for 5 star) properties.


• The customer has to raise his/her booking request prior 21 days. The confirmed booking details would be given prior 7 days of his/her

• The customer can utilize 2 nights in a month in any of the 8 metro cities across India.

• Validity of the plan starts from the date of plan purchase.

• There is no option of hotel selection by the customer. We at aim to serve you with the best 4 and 5 star properties available
   on your preferred date in eight mentioned destinations

• Hotel stay will not be issued for any Gazetted holidays/festive dates. However, the customer can plan the stay 2 days prior and 2 days
   after any Gazetted holidays/festive dates.

• This plan can be used by one/two person only. They can not share or change it with anyone from the allotted 10 nights inventory.

• During purchase, the individual have to provide Name and Date of birth of the customer.

• The customer can utilize his/her stay single/double occupancy.

• During check in individual have to present his/her ID proof to the hotel premises in single occupancy.
   For double occupancy guest have to present their ID proofs.

• All the 10 nights will be issued on the registered name.

• After the plan is purchased, name of the customer can not be changed.

Places where we are operating

• Ahmedabad

• Bangalore

• Chennai

• Delhi

• Hyderabad

• Kolkata

• Mumbai

• Pune

Daffodil Plan
₹ 34,999
For 10 Nights  (All Inclusive)

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