Lily Plan

Enjoy your stay with convenience, comfort and at best rates

3 Star Hotels

Plan Tariff : 21,999 for 10 nights ( 2,199 only, per night)


On buying this plan, you will be benefited with an unbeatable price of 2199 per night.

Upon purchase of this plan, the price of the plan and of per night stay, remains fixed at 2199, only. This is applicable even during peak seasons and the price would not change at all.

Stay in this plan offers the room with double occupancy.

Customer would be getting buffet breakfast complimentary for double occupancy under this plan.

Customer can select mentioned zone according to his/her choice, every time when he/she stays.

Prices are inclusive of all Taxes and applicable charges. There are no additional charges or hidden charges, once the plan is bought.

Customers do not have to pay every time, whenever s/he prefers to stay in a Hotel. Once the plan is bought, as a Customer you enjoy the freedom of not paying anytime, anywhere, until number of nights lasts and the plan is valid.

This plan is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and the Customer can use their entitled 10 Nights stay in the next 12 months.

Plan offers room with double occupancy, while you plan for your visit and stay in a City.

You can select mentioned geographical zone in the City of stay, anywhere in that City.

Presently, the plan entitles you to stay in any of the below mentioned metro cities in India.

This plan entitles your stay in 3 Star properties in the below mentioned 18 Cities in India.

This plan entitles you for a complimentary buffer breakfast for a room with double occupancy.

This package can also be gifted to your loved ones.

Now you can plan your Hotel stay, whenever you want, at lowest fixed price and any of these metros.


This plan is to be registered under one name only and the Guest becomes the entitled member of Alpfly to avail their plan offer. At the time of registration, we would require the name and date of birth of the Guest under whose name the plan needs to be bought.

Guests will have to place their booking request at least 7 days in advance and booking confirmation will be shared 48 Hours prior to the date of stay. 7 days does not include the day of placing request and the date of stay.

You get the convenience of booking Hotels by self, all on-line, using your registered login ID and password.

Guests can utilize a maximum of 2 Nights a month, in any of the 18 cities mentioned below.

Under this plan, we do not offer any specific Hotel of your choice. However, you’ll definitely be provided with a 3 Star Hotel in the city zone of your choice and on the dates preferred.

Hotel bookings will not be made for any Gazetted Holidays/Festive dates. However, bookings can be done for a stay, which is 2 days prior & 2 days after, to any Gazetted Holidays/Festive dates.

Once a Customer registers for this plan, then he/she or they can only place booking requests under their names only. This plan or any stay under the plan is non-transferable to any other person within family, or anyone else. No one else, other than the people registered under the plan will be permissible booking and stay in a Hotel.

All 10 Nights Hotel stay will be issued on the registered names only.

A Guest can utilize their stay in single or double occupancy rooms.

Alpfly would not be able to replace name of the Customers, once the plan gets registered under one or two names and payment is processed.

The validity of the plan starts from the date of purchase of plan.

At the time of check-in, the Guest/s will have to present their ID proof at the Hotel reception, upon request.

All other terms and conditions of the Hotel would hold good, for a Guests’ stay in Hotel.

10 Nights


(All Inclusive)

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