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Star Privilege Plan

Recommended for Corporates, Business trips, Entrepreneurs, Frequent traveller. introduces a novel saving plan; unbeatable rates

Plan Tariff: 32,999 for 10 tickets (₹ 3,299 per ticket)


• On buying this plan, you will be benefited with an unbeatable price of ₹ 3299 per ticket.

• This plan is valid for 1 year and the customer can use his/her 10 tickets in 12 months only.

• There are no hidden charges. Prices are all inclusive of taxes and charges.

• Plan is applicable to fly majorly at all the destinations in India.

• Once you buy the plan, the price of the tickets will be fixed to ₹ 3299 per ticket for the entire year, and it will not fluctuate
even in peak season.

• The customer can book ticket for his/her preferred date and time slot as per their convenience and it is our duty to make you travel
on your preferred date & time slot. Below are available time slots.

    1.     Early Morning Time Slot (any flight between 4am to 8am)
    2.     Morning Time slot (any flight between 8am to 12pm)
    3.     Afternoon Time Slot (any flight between 12pm to 4pm)
    4.     Evening Time Slot (any flight between 4pm – 8pm)
    5.     Night Time Slot (any flight between 8pm – 12am)
    6.     Mid- Night Time Slot (any flight between 12am – 4am)

• The customer don't have to pay every time he/she fly. Once he/she buy the plan, he can enjoy every travel on fixed price round the

• The package can also be gifted to your loved ones.

• Now you can plan your trips whenever you want at lowest fixed airfare.


• The customer has to book his travel prior 7 days, and PNR will be issued before 48 hours of travel.

• The customer can utilize one round trip/two air tickets in a month anywhere in India.

• The validity of the plan starts from the Date of Plan Purchase.

• There is no option of flight/carrier selection by the customer. We at aim to serve you with the best flights available on your
preferred date, as we are operating with leading domestic airlines of the country.

• We prefer to provide direct flight to the customer. If direct flight is unavailable at certain destinations, the flight with minimum halt
time will be provided.

• Tickets will not be issued for any Gazetted Holidays/Festive Dates. However, tickets can be issued 2 days prior/after to any Gazetted
Holidays/Festive Dates.

• Star Privilege Plan can be used by one person only. He/She cannot share and change it with anyone from the allotted 10 tickets

• During purchase, the individual have to provide Name and Date of Birth of the customer.

• All the 10 tickets will be issued on the registered name.

• After the plan is purchased, name of the member cannot be replaced.

Destinations which we are not operating (Blackout Destinations)

• Andaman & Nicobar

• Aurangabad

• Bhopal

• Jodhpur

• Kullu

• Lakshadweep

• Leh

• Surat

Star Privilege Plan
For 10 Air tickets  (All Inclusive)

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